19 July 2008

Interesting Tele clone

What is this guitar in the graphic on the ACL Music Festival’s “The Sound and the Jury” page? It looks like a Tele with the Thinline pick-guard. The 3-over-3 headstock with a logo in an oval, however, gives away that it isn’t a genuine Fender. It looks to be left-handed, but that looks like a wedding-ring on the player’s fretboard hand. So, the photo is probably reversed. Most interesting—to me—is the bridge humbucker that’s angled, but with the two coils staggered to fit the angle. I think I’ve only seen that before on a Gibson Nighthawk. I’d love to know more about it. (One of my wife’s co-workers is the drummer for a band in the contest, Model United Nations.)

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