24 July 2008

Report iPhone app bugs

If you run into a bug with an iPhone app, you can file a bug report through the App Store.

  1. Find the app in the App Store
  2. Scroll down, and go to the reviews
  3. Tap the “compose” icon in the upper-right corner (It looks like the “compose” icon in the Mail app)

You’ll then have the option to either write a review or file a bug. I don’t know that I would’ve ever thought to look there. I guess it makes some sense, though.

Some advice if you find yourself writing a review: If your review is just going to complain about how you have a better app on your jail-broken iPhone or how you pirated the app for free—don’t bother. That’s not really helpful to those of us who have chosen the App Store over jail-breaking.

Also, the phrase is “waste of money”, not “waist of money”. (^_^)

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