12 July 2008


I love this typo I saw today: “wromg”

It consisely says, “It’s, like, so...OMG...wrong!”



Max said...

That is excellent Robert. I'll have to try and keep that one going, especially given how tiresome "fail" and its variants have become.

I wonder is there a word for this, where a letter is changed to create a double meaning or as an intensifier? Another example would be "se7en."

Robert Fisher said...

See also keming

Matthew James Stanham said...

Did you purposefully misspell concisely, or is that a variant spelling I am not familiar with?

Robert Fisher said...

My spelling must’ve been a side effect of posting at 3:10 AM. (^_^)

(Though, I’m surprised that Safari didn’t catch it. Then again, it probably did & I didn’t catch the squiggly red line.)