06 August 2008

How to make someone hate software

What to make someone hate a software application? Here’s a nigh foolproof method:

Require them to use it.

This works in two ways.

Firstly, when someone sees that a similar application lacks an annoyance or has an additional feature, the user will resent not having the choice to try the other application instead.

Secondly, when the person who chooses the application isn’t the person who uses the application, it is more likely to be the wrong choice.


Craig Weeks said...

A-HA! A thinly veiled shot at 3Com/Notes. Good on ya, mate.

Robert said...

Was the shot at Notes veiled at all? ^_^

I don’t really even think badly of 3Com in this regard. It’s like I can’t really blame them for having caught the epidemic.

Besides Notes, I also had in mind the way some companies try to standardize on development environments.

There’s also the fact that some things (like source control) you almost have to standardize on.