13 August 2008

Science versus religion

The other day I heard this NPR story.

I’m so sick of this attitude that science and religion are mutually exclusive.


Anonymous said...

I guess if you want your science without objectivity, a little faith thrown in is fine.

Andrew said...

Hey Robert,

Faith and reason definitely go hand in hand. Reason is one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed on mankind. Plus, when you sit down to think about it, atheism requires just about as much faith as belief in God. Instead of faith in a divine power, the atheist has faith in miraculous instances of chance or coincidences. Like the girl in the article you linked to said:

"It seems kind of like an accident almost, like the Big Bang that created the universe was an accident," Morgan says. "It was a beautiful mistake or something."

So option A: An eternal God created the universe.

Option B: The universe somehow created itself, out of nothing, by accident.

Either one requires some faith to believe in.

Secular Humanism is a religion. It just denies it.