09 August 2008

I guess I wasn’t having fun

And worse, the fighter is still as boring to play as a brick. “I miss, I hit, I miss, I hit.” Yech.

seen on Paizo’s message board

<sarcasm>Oy! You’ve made me see the light! I haven’t had any fun playing fighters all these years! Woe is me!</sarcasm>

If you don’t enjoy playing Fighters, it doesn’t mean that Fighters need to be changed. It just means you shouldn’t play Fighters.

(Or—horrors—perhaps you should try to find out why some of us enjoy playing Fighters and see if changing your approach allows you to enjoy them.)

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Will Douglas said...

Ive played a few fighters in my day.

Come to think of it, I've played a few bricks, too -- it's Champions slang for a character that goes in toe to toe, like the Hulk or the Thing.

In neither case was I bored. But then, I have an imagination.

Pity the poor poster at Paizo didn't.