01 October 2008

$ coins

Despite past failures, the US mint is trying once again to promote a $1 coin.

Austin in golden

I have to wonder how they measure success or failure.

If they consider success people using dollar coins exactly the way they use dollar bills, I don’t think that makes any sense. People aren’t going to use dollar coins like dollar bills anymore than they use quarters as they use dollar bills. Coins and bills are different, and thus will be used differently.

Which is all moot anyway. Dollar coins don’t need marketing campaigns. If the treasury wants people to use dollar coins instead of dollar bills, all they need to do is stop printing dollar bills.

Of course, some people are against that. Though, they failed to get their legislation passed. Even still, the treasury could only print a token number of dollar bills.


Craig Weeks said...

I can't think of any reason I would want to use the coin. I'm thinking purely selfishly here. Does confession make it OK? :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a while. When more and more dollars enter the economy (i.e. inflation), and the value of each dollar drops enough, the dollar will be the new quarter. At that point, it might make sense as a coin.

Robert said...

Aren’t we already there? A 2008 dollar is a 1975 quarter.