14 October 2008

What every company should know about the web, part 3

Look at your web site’s reports and you’ll see that most visits are from people using Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows with Adobe Flash installed.

What about the customer using their Blackberry hoping to find your closest location because they are out-and-about and they want to buy something from you right now? What about the customer using their iPhone who wants to check your menu so they can decide whether to come to your restaurant or your competitor? What about the search engine that may bring you leads who would not have found you otherwise? What about the handicapped customer...?

No matter how good that Flash animation looks, it isn’t doing you any good if potential customers can’t find the information they’ve come looking for. (Flash is, of course, only an example. Substitute whatever flashy technology you want.)

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the animation. Just that it shouldn’t be a obstacle between potential customers and the answers they’ve come to your site seeking.

To put it simply: If you’re restaurant’s web site requires Flash to give me any information, then when I am using my iPhone to help me decide where to eat, you’ve lost my business.

If Flash was used merely to enhance your site for those visitors whose browser supports it, then you would’ve had a shot.

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Craig Weeks said...

Whoa there, cowboy, this makes entirely too much sense to be taken seriously. Better luck next time.