19 October 2008

What I want from Hasbro

Jeff wants the original D&D box set or one of the Basic Sets in their vintage wood box line.

Which is a great idea. I’ve long been saying that the old game deserves to live on the shelves alongside other classic games.

Whatever you think of the D&D/AD&D split, there’s no doubt that the old Basic Sets sold well. There’s no doubt that a great many AD&D players got their start in the hobby with one of the old Basic Sets. There’s no doubt that an old Basic Set is even more of a different game than the current edition of D&D than it was a different game than AD&D.

Some may doubt that the old game is still as much fun today as it was then, but I’m not the only one who will vouch for that fact.

And let’s not forget that Wizards approved miniature (but complete) reprints of the Basic and Expert sets. They approved selling of PDFs of the classic products. Hackmaster and a “current edition” did coëxist in the market. The idea isn’t without some precedence.

I’d love to see the 1981 Basic and Expert sets reprinted verbatim, but if I’m dreaming...

I’d like to see the Basic and Expert books edited into a single product. With commentary by me to try to head-off some of the misconceptions that I had.

What might the actual products look like?

  • A boxed set
    • 4 player booklets
    • A DM booklet
    • B2
    • Dice
  • Free PDF of the player booklet online
  • A companion box set (not more levels, but more spells, monsters, treasures, optional subsystems, &c.)

Maybe? I don’t know.

Of course, D&D is just the tip of the iceberg if we’re going to talk things I want from Hasbro. About Avalon Hill...


Anonymous said...

What are the "miniature" basic and expert sets that were released you mention?

As far as having B/X in one volume, have you checked out Labyrinth Lords? It's not a Wizard's Product, but it is legal and FREE.

Robert said...

Wayne’s Books has some pictures of the miniature reprints. The boxed sets came complete with miniature rule booklets and module in the box.

When I first saw the miniature AD&D books, I wished so much I had had them when I used to carry all my AD&D hardbacks to every sessions. The printing was tiny, but perfectly readable.

A glance over at the “labels” shows that I have two posts tagged with “labyrinth lord” (^_^) In fact, I carry a copy in my pocket on my iPhone! Thanks, though.

I was a little over halfway through combining the B/X books for my own use with LL came out and made it almost redundant.

clovis said...

are you running a campaign now?

i havent played dnd 2.5 (house rules) since my group broke up this summer

i live in killeen

Robert said...

I am not running a campaign at the moment.

The Monday night group is on hiatus for the moment. The plan is for one of the other guys to run a 3.5 campaign next. Which would then put me on deck to restart my Lord of the Rings campaign.

I’ve been attending a Saturday group every-other week that is currently playing Marvel SuperHeroes.

I’ve got a classic D&D campaign in-the-works, but I don’t know how long it’ll be before I get a chance to run it.