10 March 2009


I love the story of 65amps.

Sheryl Crow’s guitarist, Peter Stroud, basically called up his friend, Dan Boul, and said: “Sheryl’s tired of screaming over my Marshalls.” So they started a company to build a lower volume amp with good tone (18 watts) that was flexible enough for Sheryl’s repertoire and rugged enough for touring.

They have a “master voltage” circuit for lowering the volume even further without compromising the tone. (They say it works better than a power attenuator.)

Ironically, they keep getting demands for higher powered amps. They now have an 80 watt, and I believe they said they have a 100 watt in the works.

I just wish I could afford one of their amps. The new Lil’ Elvis looks nice, but it’s still over $2,000.

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