01 March 2009

Guitar name poll 2: Nominations

I don’t remember if I ever posted the results, but “Trixie” was the clear winner as a name for my red Telecaster. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now, it is time to finally give a name to my older, black electric guitar.

She’s a Westone Spectrum ST. She’s been upgraded with DiMarzio pick-ups—an X2N in the bridge position and a Super 2 in the neck position.

So go make a nomination!

This is the guitar you hear on all three of the “finished” Söundcheck songs. (MySpace, Facebook)

I actually had the bridge pick-up before the guitar. I guess I must’ve gotten the guitar c. 1986. (The serial number indicates it was made in 1985.) I’ve been really happy with it. If I were ever able to have a custom guitar made, I’d probably have the neck of this one copied. For some reason I’d never bothered to upgrade the neck pick-up, but that has now been remedied.

Westone isn’t around anymore, which is a shame, because they built fine instruments for affordable prices.

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