01 March 2009

iPhone app: Stanza

I was looking at the growing pile of books on my nightstand. So, I pulled up Stanza.

Stanza is an e-book reader for the iPhone. I’d read The Metamorphosis and a few HP Lovecraft stories with it. I’d downloaded a few other free books I intend to read.

One of the great things about Stanza is that you can browser free e-book repositories and download books right from the app itself. You can also browse and purchase from some e-book stores.

It turns out that most of those books on my nightstand were available from the Fictionwise store for Stanza. I’ve now read Fool Moon (the second book of the Dresden Files series). I’m now reading Wicked.

So, yeah, they are “protected” by “DRM”. Still, having the books on my phone means they’re always there when I get a chance to do some reading rather than gathering dust on my nightstand.

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