12 March 2008

Hackin' & slashin'

Let’s be clear about this:

1. People were having fun role-playing and doing many things besides hack & slash with D&D long before the knock-offs created to “fix” it appeared.

2. People have used just about any role-playing game produced for mindless hack & slash play.

The fault (if fault there is) is not in our rules, but in ourselves.

Besides, mindless (or mindful) hack & slash is a perfectly valid style of play if that’s what the people around the table enjoy.

Oh, and compare the “alternative” combat system in the original three little D&D booklets to Steve Jackson’s Melee and Wizard and then tell me which designer emphasized combat more. (Gygax has said many times that he always used the “alternative” system rather than Chainmail when playing D&D.)

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