20 March 2008

Jeff’s threefold model

Jeff’s Gameblog: I got your threefold model right here, buddy!

This is beautiful. One of the best pieces on RPG theory I’ve ever read.

Though I think he should rename “Retro” as “Obsolete” as he mentions in the comments.

I think this says something about the whole “worse is better” paradox. It’s not so much that worse is better, but that we tend to measure good and bad in ways that don’t jibe with where the rubber meets the road.


Jeff Rients said...

I'm pleased as punch you like my theory! I've been a fan of your stuff for a while. At least your D&D stuff. I know next to nothing about programming and even less about guitars, so I can't really follow you when you talk about those.

Robert Fisher said...

Thanks, Jeff. I've been a fan of yours for a while too.

Yeah, I figure nobody follows all of my posts. (Heck, I suppose I'm surprised anyone follows any of them. (^_^)) At least with Blogger I try to tag 'em, tho' I could do a better job of that.