19 March 2008


This is an interesting article that explains the appeal of Lost, Star Trek, and Pride & Prejudice as being the same.

Rands In Repose: Nerdfotainment

Nerds are systematic thinkers, which means, for entertainment, we want to exercise our systemic comprehension muscles. We want to stare at a thing and figure out what rules define it. In the case of Lost, Abrams get this. He sprinkles hints of systems within the system of the show. He tinkers with time and with personalities to paint brief glimpses of clues. And then he changes everything because he knows that if we ever feel we’ve figured it out, we’ll bail.

The danger for Lost, however, is that things may get so convoluted we stop believing that he does have a way it all makes sense rather than just making up random things as he goes.

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