12 March 2008

The iPhone AppStore

I thought it was quite interesting and insightful the way Apple spoke of the iPhone AppStore.

“The developers are going to register with us if they want to distribute them. If they write a bad app, we can both track them down and we can turn off the app’s distribution.”

—from Gizmodo’s live blog

Apple isn’t going to try to fully vet every iPhone app up-front. That would be slow, expensive, and foolish. Instead, they want to be able to squash any problems as soon as they appear. (“Squashing the problem” may be notifying the developer of it so they can fix it. Having the ability to stop distribution of the bad app as a back-up solution, however, is nice to have as well.)

Of course, there are perfectly good arguments against this, but I think it is both smart and reasonable.

(Though I would still like to see riskier alternatives to the AppStore for those willing to accept the risk.)

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