28 March 2008

Housing/credit crises

Back when all these people were taking out these loans, perhaps Congress could have spent a little money on a campaign to educate people about why those loans were a bad idea. I mean, I saw them being offered. They looked like a bad idea to me, though I know little about such things. Surely your typical Senator/Senatrix/Congress(wo)man could see and know. Then maybe they wouldn’t be debating spending a lot of money to bail a lot of people out.

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Anonymous said...

The really crappy thing is that the money to bail out these creditors is "new money;" it's being created for that purpose. Creating more money doesn't create more real value, it just debases the money supply -- every dollar is worth less in actual value than it was before, because now there are more dollars in the economy (i.e. inflation).

That sucks real value from every dollar in your pocket, and every dollar in your savings. Who is paying for these bailouts of big banks? You are. Inflating the money supply is like a hidden tax.